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About me

Jasmine Browley

With nearly a decade of communications experience under her belt, Jasmine’s ability to create high-level strategy, messaging assets and measurable tactics for corporations led her to formerly work with companies including Meridian Health, Kimberly Clarke, Kraft Foods, General Motors, Nielsen (on behalf of Fame Enterprises) and the Chicago Community Trust (on behalf of Rudd Resources). In addition to entrepreneurship and corporate positions, Jasmine has also worked as an adjunct brand communications instructor to college and high school students. As an educator, she honed invaluable skills like community building and effective leadership practices. 

Additionally, in partnership with MADE Magazine, Jasmine leads the 'How I MADE It,' a podcast centered around candid conversations with successful creative entrepreneurs and corporate titans about how they transpired monumental success from their ideas.  

From her unique insight into brand and corporate communications, her experience as an instructor and love for community empowerment, her vision aligns with her work practices as an effective communications practitioner with proven success. 

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